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High balling down the line with the Hill Country Flyer

Posted by on January 7, 2016

Take a ride on the Hill Country Flyer from an angle you haven’t seen before. See through these photos engineer Bert Dockell guide the train and hear his railroading story.

Bert Dockell sits in the cab of an Alco engine waiting for his crew members to finish tying up the train after driving the Hill Country Flyer from Cedar Park to Burnet, Texas. It’s something he’s been used to in his retirement years and he’s made the hour-and-a-half trip countless times during his time with the Austin Steam Train Association.

Prior to joining the association, Dockell worked for over 40 years with Amtrak, Santa Fe and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe, working mainly out of the BNSF yard in Temple, Texas. Now the eldest engineer at ASTA, he helps train other prospective engineers looking to help out on the all-volunteer railroad.

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