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A Collection of Collections: Uncommon Objects

Posted by on January 7, 2016

Uncommon Objects is one of many antique malls, but it’s certainly the most popular one in the Austin area. Learn more about how this store along South Congress got its start.

Located on South Congress, Uncommon Objects has been selling antiques and interesting items in Austin since 1991. The business is run by Steve Wiman, who has helped the store grow from 5 vendors to 24 individual vendors selling their unique items inside. Each vendor sells items that they find and collect. The store is filled with a wide range of objects from deer heads to tea cups to different types of signs.

Uncommon Objects has become a popular tourist destination in the city with the store being packed particularly on the weekends. Vendors come in on Monday to rearrange and restock their items.

Despite the growing popularity, Uncommon Objects has no plans to expand elsewhere.

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